Wine Cooler or Wine Cellar – the Best Option for Your Needs

There are different types of wine storage solutions for different types of wine collectors. While many manufacturers of wine storage devices claim to have the best equipment on the market, it is still best to determine the number of bottles in your collection or the number you’re planning to collect, your storage space, and budget before buying one.

Wine coolers and wine cellars are a popular topic when it comes to which storage solution best suits a wine collector’s needs. Let’s find out the purpose of each.

Wine Coolers

If you’re the kind of wine lover who buys wines and consumes them within a span of days and you rotate your stock very quickly, then you can be classified as a casual wine collector. Wine storage for this type of wine collector is quite easy.

A wine cooler might be your best bet, especially if you collect light wines like whites or champagnes. This is ideal if you plan to drink the wine instead of collecting it. Storing wine at proper serving temperatures (40-50 degrees Fahrenheit) is the main function of wine coolers.

Wine Coolers

Wine coolers can be the size of a small refrigerator (free-standing coolers) or can be small enough to be placed on tabletops (countertop coolers). The advantage of a free-standing wine cooler is its flexibility to be placed almost anywhere in your home. This is ideal if space is not an issue.

Countertop wine coolers, on the other hand, are a perfect device for those who don’t have floor space to spare and tend to drink wine within a few days after buying it. Built-in coolers are also space-savers, but are the most expensive of all wine coolers. The high cost is due to the design that makes ventilation unnecessary.

You may opt for a wine cooler that has built-in wine racks to keep your bottles from rolling about and knocking against each other. There are a great number of wine cooler designs, as well as temperature control capacities, to choose from. Sizes vary too, and they can usually store between 15-30 wine bottles. Wine coolers are made of insulated material including metal, plastic, neoprene, double-walled glass, or vinyl. Since wine tastes better when served at an ideal temperature, using a wine cooler is a great option.

Custom Wine Cellars

If you are the type who wants to collect a number of bottles for storage over the course of several months or years, you should probably think about having your own Florida custom wine cellar that can keep your bottles at an ideal temperature. Humidity levels must be kept constant too.

Wine cellars with an efficient wine cooling system can do this for you. This is a very important component because unstable temperature can spoil wine. Too high of humidity can cause mold and mildew to grow, and very low humidity levels can cause the wine cork to crack, which will result in wine oxidation.

Besides maintaining ideal conditions, wine cellars can be built with custom wine racks that will allow you to easily browse through your collection and maintain an inventory. This is especially helpful once your collection starts growing and there are more bottles to keep track of.

Better still, because it’s a full wine cellar, everything can be customized according to your style and requirements. Because of the benefits that a wine cellar provides, custom wine cellars are in demand all over the world, including Florida.

So, if you’re planning to store wine for years, opt for a Florida custom wine room. If your purpose is to serve wine at its best serving temperatures, choose a wine cooler.  Whatever you wine storage needs are, Wine Cellar International can help you. Visit their website at or click here for a no obligation design consultation request.

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