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Wine Cellar Design and Wine Cellar International

Serious wine collectors are well aware that creating a proper wine storage environment is of great importance to cellaring wines.  Whether a wine collection is stored and aged for personal enjoyment or as a form of investment, how wines are kept plays a crucial role in their longevity.  A well-constructed wine cellar design ensures that the storage space will provide the optimal temperature and humidity levels and help facilitate the development of wines.

Wine Cellar Design by Wine Cellar International

Wine Cellar Design by Wine Cellar International

Wine Cellar International is the premier wine cellar designer and builder of residential and commercial wine rooms in the state of Florida.  They specialize in converting unused spaces into functional wine rooms and creating multifaceted wine cellars that speak of the wine lifestyle.  They work closely with clients and lend their expertise in order to create a wine cellar design and build a custom wine cellar space that caters to the storage and presentation of their collection.

Wine Accessories from Wine Cellar International

As Florida’s leading wine cellar specialist, Wine Cellar International provides custom residential and commercial wine racking.  Wine racks are essential wine accessories of a wine cellar, as they serve as platforms for organizing and displaying wine collectibles. They also enhance the appearance of the space.

Wood and Metal Wine Racks for Display and Storage

They use wood and metal based wine racking for both residential and commercial applications.  For their traditional wooden wine racks, molding and trim pieces are available to add visual appeal to the racking system.

Wine Cellar International offers a range of wine racks that can be utilized for various storage needs, such as X-bin wine bottle racking, diamond bin racking, curved corner racking, rectangle wine case storage, and quarter round wine display racking.

Wine Racks by Wine Cellar International

Wine Racks by Wine Cellar International

X-bin racking, diamond bin racking and rectangle wine case storage provide bulk storage options.  X-bin wine racks allow collectors to consolidate certain wines in groups, while diamond bin racking and rectangle wine cases allows for the bulk storage of wine cases.

Curved corner wine racks creates a smooth transition between walls, while quarter round wine display racking is an excellent way to finish off the end of the racking system.  Integrating accent pieces (such as designer arch and glass stemware racks), into the wine racking, add elegance, and improve functionality of the wine cellar design.

Their selection of metal wine racks creates eye-catching floor to ceiling displays of wine collectibles.  The label out aspect of this display and storage solution promotes the easy inventory of wines, as the bottles are stored horizontally with their labels in full view.

Wine Cellar Refrigeration

A custom wine cellar space will not be efficient in its purpose without a proper wine cellar refrigeration system.  Wine Cellar International provides wine cellar refrigeration systems that help achieve the ideal climate conditions for wine cellarage.  They offer a range of refrigeration equipment that caters to their client’s wine cooling requirements.

Wine Cellar Refrigeration for Wine Cellars

Wine Cellar Refrigeration for Wine Cellars

The three fundamental types of wine cellar refrigeration units they supply are self-contained cooling units, self-contained ducted cooling systems, and split-system refrigeration units.  At Wine Cellar International, they discuss with their clients the different pros and cons of each refrigeration unit, to help them decide on the best cooling application for their custom wine room.

Wine Cellar International has completed numerous projects involving residential home wine cellars and commercial wine storage displays.  Their finished projects reflect their expertise and experience in custom wine cellar design.  They are Florida’s leading source of custom wine racks, wine cellar refrigeration systems, wine gifts and wine accessories.

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