Wine Cellar Design – Wine Cellar Lighting and Wine Cellar Accessories


Wine Cellar Design and Wine Cellar Lighting

Wine Cellar Design and Wine Cellar Lighting

A wine storage room not only functions as an ideal location for storing prized wine collectibles, it also doubles as a perfect venue for entertaining guests.  Hence, wine cellar design and construction should focus on the functionality and aesthetic aspects of a storage space.  Wine cellar builders should aim to provide the best possible conditions, wherein wines can age undisturbed, as well as create a warm and cozy environment in which special events can take place.

Wine cellar lighting is an essential component in the overall appearance of a custom wine cellar space.  It provides the right amount of light for scanning wine labels and for people to move around comfortably.  Lighting effects help create the perfect atmosphere, accentuates main focal points, and add dramatic appeal to a wine cellar’s aesthetics.

When it comes to wine cellar lighting, LED based light bulbs are recommended over regular light bulbs.  LED based light sources offer energy-efficient lighting and low heat emission.  In addition, these lighting fixtures have increased longevity compared to regular light sources. LED lighting also offers excellent light disbursement features that allow for better mood illumination.

There are a range of wine cellar lighting fixtures that can help designers achieve the desired ambiance in a wine cellar.  Track lighting is an ideal lighting fixture for wine racks that feature a high reveal display row.  This lighting option allows collectors to highlight their favorite wine labels.  Another popular lighting option is recessed can light, which is designed to cast light in a downward direction.  It is perfect for accentuating certain areas in a wine room.

Elegant Wine Cellar Lighting

Elegant Wine Cellar Lighting

Wall sconces are installed on walls and provide elegant indirect lighting.  When spaced equally apart, they cast a warm and comfortable glow in a room.  A more sophisticated approach to wine room lighting is chandeliers.  This ceiling mounted light source is elaborate and decorative in style, and it irradiates a room with refracted light.

Aside from lighting effects, there are other elements that can enhance and develop the overall wine cellar design.  For instance, wine cellar accessories are useful and decorative items that add a tasteful flair to a custom wine cellar.  Wine barrel carvings are great examples of ornamental pieces that can increase the visual appeal of a wine storage room.

Wine Bottle Neck Tags - Wine Cellar Accessories

Wine Bottle Neck Tags – Wine Cellar Accessories

Retired wine barrel carvings depict various subjects that range from wine-themed sceneries to family crests.  These wine cellar accessories provide a one of a kind appearance to any living space.  The barrel head configuration can be used as signage for wine-oriented establishments, or it can be transformed into exquisite table tops for serving wines.

Wine cellar accessories may also come in the form of wine bottle neck tags, which are essential tools in keeping a wine room organized for easy access and identification.  Neck tags are a stylish approach to managing wine collectibles.

Wine racks are must have accessories in cellaring wines.  They are designed to allow the proper placement of wine bottles during storage.  Racking systems come in a range of styles and sizes that can fit various kinds of preferences.  Wine aficionados have a choice between wood and metal wine racks for displaying and organizing their collection.

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