The Right Wine Cooling System for Your Florida Wine Cellar

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Wine Cellar Florida Wine Cooling System

When you collect wines, you invest money. Therefore, it is important that you store them in the best conditions for them to age gracefully. In Miami, Florida, many residential wine cellar owners make sure that they keep the ideal environment for their wines by investing in a reliable wine cooling system.

Function of a Wine Cooling Unit 

The wine cooling system is engineered and designed to control the climatic condition within your Florida wine cellar. It is in charge of stabilizing proper temperature and creating the ideal humidity level within the wine room. It adds cool air to a wine room and removes the warm air by sending it to the exhaust room.

Temperature and humidity are the two most important factors that affect the aging process of wine, thus it is essential to purchase a wine cooling unit that will meet your wine cellar refrigeration requirements and your budget. Investing in an efficient wine cooling unit will protect your wine from undesirable changes.

Things to Consider When Buying a Wine Cooling Unit 

Your wine cooling unit must have the ability to maintain a wine cellar temperature of 57 degrees Fahrenheit and 50% – 60% humidity levels. These conditions will keep your wines safe from damage. A wine cellar professional can help you purchase a wine cooling system that is efficient.

Noise is another major factor that must be taken into consideration when buying a wine cooling unit. A quiet cooling unit will let you preserve your wines in a quiet environment. Choose a durable cooling unit to make sure that it will last a long time. Don’t hesitate to spend more for a high-quality wine cooling unit. It should also be easy to replace when it can’t perform its job well.


Different Categories of Wine Cellar Cooling Systems  

Self-Contained Wine Cooling System

Self-Contained Wine Cooling System

When it comes to easy installation and affordability, a self-contained system is a good choice, but there are some problems with this type of cooling system which include a shorter lifespan which is 5-6 years. It is also noisier compared to the split cooling system because the condenser and the evaporator will be placed inside the wine cellar.

Learn more about split wine cooling system!

Split Wine Cooling System

A split wine cooling system is more durable than a self-contained system as they last at least a decade longer however, a split wine cooling system is difficult to install and more expensive since you have to hire an HVAC professional to do the installation. View different Wine Cellar Cooling System Choices by visiting our site at

Since a wine cellar cooling system is a very important feature of a wine cellar, you must know your wine storage needs and budget before purchasing a wine cooling unit to ensure that your wines age at their best! We at Wine Cellar International are more than willing to work with you in determining the best wine cooling system for your wine cellar.

If you need help in choosing the best cooling system for your custom wine cellar, just complete our Residential Custom Wine Cellars Florida No Obligation Design Consultation Request at or call us at +1 (954) 630-5866.

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