Store Non-Alcoholic Wines in Your Florida Home Wine Cellar

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Most Florida residential wine cellar owners include non-alcoholic wines in their collection

Wine is a beverage that makes any meal more enjoyable, but there are many people around the world, as well as those in Florida, who don’t or can’t drink beverages with alcohol. Most Florida residential wine cellar owners include non-alcoholic wines in their collections so they can have a healthier wine drinking experience with their guests. If you don’t have non-alcoholic wines in your wine racks yet, you might want to invest in some after reading this blog.

Non-alcoholic wines contain less than 1/2 of 1% alcohol

When we talk about wine, we always think that it contains alcohol. Because of the brilliant minds of wine manufacturers, they have found a way to separate alcohol from wine. If you believe that drinking wine is healthy, you won’t have second thoughts when it comes to non-alcohol wines.

The first introduction of non-alcoholic wines was made around 20 years ago. Eliminating alcohol from wine is almost impossible but the manufacturers have figured out how to do it. Producing non-alcoholic wine takes the same process used in producing regular wines except that most of the alcohol must be removed from it.

“Non-alcoholic” doesn’t mean zero alcohol or alcohol-free. It means that the wine contains less than one-half of one percent alcohol. If you are a non-alcoholic person, you don’t have any reason not to drink wine at drinking parties like birthdays or weddings. People with medical conditions and pregnant women now have a way to drink wine to celebrate special occasions.

For centuries, red wine has been known for its health benefits. It can reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, cataracts, and colon cancer. It can also lower cholesterol levels, slow brain decline and a lot more. Only a few red wine drinkers know there are non-alcoholic wines which are a lot healthier than regular red wines.

Store Non-alcoholic Wines in your Florida Home Wine Cellar & Enjoy it with Family & Friends

With non-alcoholic wines, you can enjoy drinking wine with family and friends without worrying about being dizzy or falling asleep after drinking a glass or two. Because this type of wine still contains polyphenols (the non-alcoholic part of the wine), it helps protect your cardiovascular system and prevent diabetes and other diseases.

According to some studies, non-alcoholic wines make a modest difference when it comes to effectiveness in preventing diseases compared to regular wines. They claim that alcohol can spoil wine’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce the risk of many diseases.

So the next time you choose a type of wine to add into your residential wine cellar Florida, you might want to include non-alcoholic wine. It is a lot cheaper than the regular wine and can be easily found in supermarkets.


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