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Wine Cellar Design and Wine Cellar International

Serious wine collectors are well aware that creating a proper wine storage environment is of great importance to cellaring wines.  Whether a wine collection is stored and aged for personal enjoyment or as a form of investment, how wines are kept plays a crucial role in their longevity.  A well-constructed wine cellar design ensures that the storage space will provide the optimal temperature and humidity levels and help facilitate the development of wines.

Wine Cellar Design by Wine Cellar International

Wine Cellar Design by Wine Cellar International

Wine Cellar International is the premier wine cellar designer and builder of residential and commercial wine rooms in the state of Florida.  They specialize in converting unused spaces into functional wine rooms and creating multifaceted wine cellars that speak of the wine lifestyle.  They work closely with clients and lend their expertise in order to create a wine cellar design and build a custom wine cellar space that caters to the storage and presentation of their collection.

Wine Accessories from Wine Cellar International

As Florida’s leading wine cellar specialist, Wine Cellar International provides custom residential and commercial wine racking.  Wine racks are essential wine accessories of a wine cellar, as they serve as platforms for organizing and displaying wine collectibles. They also enhance the appearance of the space.

Wood and Metal Wine Racks for Display and Storage

They use wood and metal based wine racking for both residential and commercial applications.  For their traditional wooden wine racks, molding and trim pieces are available to add visual appeal to the racking system.

Wine Cellar International offers a range of wine racks that can be utilized for various storage needs, such as X-bin wine bottle racking, diamond bin racking, curved corner racking, rectangle wine case storage, and quarter round wine display racking.

Wine Racks by Wine Cellar International

Wine Racks by Wine Cellar International

X-bin racking, diamond bin racking and rectangle wine case storage provide bulk storage options.  X-bin wine racks allow collectors to consolidate certain wines in groups, while diamond bin racking and rectangle wine cases allows for the bulk storage of wine cases.

Curved corner wine racks creates a smooth transition between walls, while quarter round wine display racking is an excellent way to finish off the end of the racking system.  Integrating accent pieces (such as designer arch and glass stemware racks), into the wine racking, add elegance, and improve functionality of the wine cellar design.

Their selection of metal wine racks creates eye-catching floor to ceiling displays of wine collectibles.  The label out aspect of this display and storage solution promotes the easy inventory of wines, as the bottles are stored horizontally with their labels in full view.

Wine Cellar Refrigeration

A custom wine cellar space will not be efficient in its purpose without a proper wine cellar refrigeration system.  Wine Cellar International provides wine cellar refrigeration systems that help achieve the ideal climate conditions for wine cellarage.  They offer a range of refrigeration equipment that caters to their client’s wine cooling requirements.

Wine Cellar Refrigeration for Wine Cellars

Wine Cellar Refrigeration for Wine Cellars

The three fundamental types of wine cellar refrigeration units they supply are self-contained cooling units, self-contained ducted cooling systems, and split-system refrigeration units.  At Wine Cellar International, they discuss with their clients the different pros and cons of each refrigeration unit, to help them decide on the best cooling application for their custom wine room.

Wine Cellar International has completed numerous projects involving residential home wine cellars and commercial wine storage displays.  Their finished projects reflect their expertise and experience in custom wine cellar design.  They are Florida’s leading source of custom wine racks, wine cellar refrigeration systems, wine gifts and wine accessories.

Wine Displays – Commercial Wine Racks and Commercial Wine Cellars in Miami Florida

Commercial wine cellars are purpose built to provide a storage method that can accommodate a large variety of wine selections, as well as provide an aesthetically pleasing layout that allows for visually appealing wine product display and showcasing.  Stunning restaurant and hospitality wine storage rooms and elegant wine store display solutions can potentially improve business image and increase sales revenue.

At Wine Cellar International, they are committed to designing and creating residential and commercial wine cellars that not only exhibit the owner’s passion, but also reflect the wine lifestyle.  Their designers work closely with private homeowners and business owners in order to accurately capture their vision of the ideal residential wine room and commercial wine displays, and turn that dream into a reality.

Wine Cellar International is a full service custom wine cellar design, consulting and construction firm that specializes in commercial, hospitality, and residential applications.  The company has a team of experts that cater to all aspects of wine cellar design and installation, from wine cellar refrigeration systems to metal and wood based wine racking storage solutions.

For commercial wine displays and storage applications, Wine Cellar International understands the intricacies involved in wine showcasing and the importance of wine product recognition in a retail wine store, as well as in a restaurant and hospitality setting.  Hence, their team of commercial wine cellar experts aims to customize a wine storage system that provides long term stability, ample space, and ease of display.

Commercial Wine Displays Toscano Divino Restaurant Miami Florida

Commercial Wine Displays Toscano Divino Restaurant Miami Florida

Their projects involving commercial wine cellars and commercial wine displays extend beyond building a visually enticing wine storage layout, into creating a storage and display solution that promotes the effective presentation of wine selections.  Wine Cellar International designs and constructs revenue enhancing commercial wine racks that provide a variety of display and storage options for wine shops, restaurants and the hospitality industry.

Wine Cellar International Miami Florida is the leading designer and builder of residential and commercial wine cellars Florida.  They have completed a number of residential, hospitality and commercial wine storage installation projects in the state of Florida.  Their completed wine cellar projects speak volumes about their expertise, design experience and excellent service quality.

Let’s take a look at one of their recently completed commercial wine cellars Miami Florida projects, in South Beach Miami.  Wine Cellar International constructed a contemporary counter wine display with floor to ceiling metal wine racking display at Milos restaurant.  The Milos wine collection of exotic whites and reds is showcased through tall, thermal insulated glass windows, that dominated one side of the establishment.

Commercial Wine Racks Miami Florida

Commercial Wine Racks Miami Florida

Floor to ceiling label out commercial wine racks were installed to provide maximum storage capacity and clear visibility of wine labels.  Stainless steel commercial wine racks bring an elegant and stylish vibe to the space.  A wine room ladder was also added to this commercial wine cellars Miami Florida project, which provides access to wine bottles that are beyond normal reach.

The commercial custom wine cellar at Milos features a sealed environment that is regulated by a wine cellar cooling system designed for commercial use, to ensure that the desired climate conditions for storing and aging wines are maintained.


The 3D Wine Cellar Design Process for Custom Wine Cellars Orlando Florida

Modern wine rooms not only function as a storage space for wine collectibles, but also double as a quaint venue within which wine tasting parties can take place.  An ideal wine cellar environment should be conducive to aging fine wines and entertaining guests.  Hence, the construction of a custom wine cellar space should focus on both the technical aspect of proper wine storage and the aesthetic aspect of a wine cellar design.

Custom Wine Cellars Orlando Florida

Custom Wine Cellars Orlando Florida

The overall design of a custom wine cellar should not only center on providing the best possible wine storage environment where wine collectibles can be showcased and displayed in stylish fashion, but also on creating a comfortable place where the owner can sit back, relax, marvel at his collection, and even invite a few guests over for a wine tasting session.

The conceptual design phase of a wine cellar project is a joint effort between professional wine cellar installers and their clients.  This approach allows both parties to efficiently conceive, design, and construct a custom wine enclave that embodies the lifestyle and personal preference of the owner.

Wine Cellar Design - Custom Wine Cellars Orlando Florida

Wine Cellar Design – Custom Wine Cellars Orlando Florida

The design concept of custom wine cellars Orlando Florida is an important component of a wine cellar project.  This is where specific details are identified and determined, from the amount of insulation and type of temperature and humidity controls, down to the proper lighting fixture, and material for the wine racking system, wine cellar flooring, and entryway door.

There are several factors to consider when installing a custom wine cellars Orlando Florida in a residential or commercial setting, such as the R-factor; the size and location of the wine cellar; the number of wine bottles with provisions for future collectibles; the frequency of accessing the storage space; the ambient conditions of the room; and the amount of money that the client is willing to spend for the project.

Most wine cellar builders provide their clients with a free three dimensional rendering of the design concept.  A 3D wine cellar design provides a design preview of the proposed wine cellar space.  This technology allows professional wine cellar designers and builders to improve design quality and make modifications before the actual construction begins.

Sample 3D Wine Cellar Design

Sample 3D Wine Cellar Design

3D wine cellar design presents a comprehensive graphic representation of the architectural elevations, sections, and plan of a wine storage room.  Three dimensional drawings outline the different wine racking systems that are to be integrated into the design, along with the dimensions, depth, and height measurements of each storage device.  They also indicate the total bottle storage capacity of the proposed custom wine cellar.

Working entirely with computer-aided software during the design phase of a wine cellar project has its advantages.  One is that it accelerates the development process of the project, from conceptualization to materialization.  Presenting a 3D model of a wine cellar design is also an effective instrument for selling ideas and conveying design concepts to clients.  A three dimensional drawing provides detailed and precise representation of a conceptual design.  Hence, it ensures the accuracy of the actual end result.

Consulting with an experienced wine cellar designer and builder is always recommended when embarking on custom wine cellars Orlando Florida project.  These professional experts in design and installation will help bring your wine cellar dream to life.

Wine Cellar International is a trusted name in the wine cellar industry. Visit our website at

Wine Cellar International – A Reliable Custom Wine Cellars Miami Florida Builder


The custom wine cellars Miami Florida business is growing at a steady pace as more and more people become interested in wines either as a form of investment or as a source of personal pleasure.  When the habit of buying wines turns into a passionate hobby, wine collectors need a climate controlled room where they can safely store and proudly display their precious wine collectibles, and at the same time create a living space in which they can host small parties.

Wine Cellar International on Custom Wine Cellars Miami Florida

Wine Cellar International on Custom Wine Cellars Miami Florida


An ideal wine cellar space should both be functional and aesthetically pleasing.  At Wine Cellars International, we are committed to building a wine storage space that is not only conducive to aging wines, but also cozy enough to double as an entertainment paradise.  We are dedicated to creating a wine cellar that reflects the desires and lifestyle of wine enthusiasts.

Wine Cellar International is a Florida-based, full service designer and builder of custom residential wine rooms and commercial wine storage displays.  Our designers work closely with homeowners and business owners in order to create a wine cellar space that accurately captures the vision of their clients, down to the very last detail.

Custom Wine Cellars Miami Florida - Wine Cellar Design

Custom Wine Cellars Miami Florida – Wine Cellar Design

As custom wine cellars Miami Florida builder, we lend our expertise to develop residential wine rooms that add visual appeal and increase property value.  We also design commercial wine cellars and wine tasting rooms that can enhance the overall appearance and ambiance of a business establishment, as well as potentially attract and keep loyal customers.

Wine Cellar International covers all aspects of wine cellar design, including wine cellar cooling systems and metal and wood based wine racks.  We offer a range of services that cater to various storage needs and requirements of the client.  Whether it is a simple small room conversion or a hospitality wine room installation, we have the design experience to create a custom wine cellar space that resonates with the passion of their clients.

Every wine collector knows the significance of proper storage environment for cellaring wines.  For wines to mature to their full potential, their temperature should be maintained between 50 and 59 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity levels should be regulated within 60 to 75 percent.  Wine Cellar International offers a range of wine cellar cooling options that can provide the ideal climate conditions for wine cellars.

Wine Cellar Cooling for Custom Wine Cellars

Wine Cellar Cooling for Custom Wine Cellars

We carry some of the best wine cellar cooling brands in the refrigeration industry, such as US Cellars, WhisperKOOL, and Cellarmate.  There are three categories of climate control systems: self-contained cooling units, split-system cooling units, and self-contained ducted cooling systems.  The proper cooling unit for a wine cellar space is determined by several factors, including size of the room and budget.

Wine Cellar International also provides wine storage and display racks for custom wine cellars.  Wine storage racks are designed to hold wine bottles at an angle to keep the cork moist at all times and prevent it from drying out.  Most racking systems are made from wood and metal.  They are available in various sizes and styles that can suit the design specifications and storage needs of the client.

At Wine Cellar International, we offer a wide selection of storage options for wine collectibles: custom wine racks, high density wine displays for wine retail stores, commercial wine racking, and single modular kit wine racks for custom wine cellars.

Know more about Wine Cellar International’s products and services by visiting this page

Wine Cellar International

Wine Cellar Design – Wine Cellar Lighting and Wine Cellar Accessories


Wine Cellar Design and Wine Cellar Lighting

Wine Cellar Design and Wine Cellar Lighting

A wine storage room not only functions as an ideal location for storing prized wine collectibles, it also doubles as a perfect venue for entertaining guests.  Hence, wine cellar design and construction should focus on the functionality and aesthetic aspects of a storage space.  Wine cellar builders should aim to provide the best possible conditions, wherein wines can age undisturbed, as well as create a warm and cozy environment in which special events can take place.

Wine cellar lighting is an essential component in the overall appearance of a custom wine cellar space.  It provides the right amount of light for scanning wine labels and for people to move around comfortably.  Lighting effects help create the perfect atmosphere, accentuates main focal points, and add dramatic appeal to a wine cellar’s aesthetics.

When it comes to wine cellar lighting, LED based light bulbs are recommended over regular light bulbs.  LED based light sources offer energy-efficient lighting and low heat emission.  In addition, these lighting fixtures have increased longevity compared to regular light sources. LED lighting also offers excellent light disbursement features that allow for better mood illumination.

There are a range of wine cellar lighting fixtures that can help designers achieve the desired ambiance in a wine cellar.  Track lighting is an ideal lighting fixture for wine racks that feature a high reveal display row.  This lighting option allows collectors to highlight their favorite wine labels.  Another popular lighting option is recessed can light, which is designed to cast light in a downward direction.  It is perfect for accentuating certain areas in a wine room.

Elegant Wine Cellar Lighting

Elegant Wine Cellar Lighting

Wall sconces are installed on walls and provide elegant indirect lighting.  When spaced equally apart, they cast a warm and comfortable glow in a room.  A more sophisticated approach to wine room lighting is chandeliers.  This ceiling mounted light source is elaborate and decorative in style, and it irradiates a room with refracted light.

Aside from lighting effects, there are other elements that can enhance and develop the overall wine cellar design.  For instance, wine cellar accessories are useful and decorative items that add a tasteful flair to a custom wine cellar.  Wine barrel carvings are great examples of ornamental pieces that can increase the visual appeal of a wine storage room.

Wine Bottle Neck Tags - Wine Cellar Accessories

Wine Bottle Neck Tags – Wine Cellar Accessories

Retired wine barrel carvings depict various subjects that range from wine-themed sceneries to family crests.  These wine cellar accessories provide a one of a kind appearance to any living space.  The barrel head configuration can be used as signage for wine-oriented establishments, or it can be transformed into exquisite table tops for serving wines.

Wine cellar accessories may also come in the form of wine bottle neck tags, which are essential tools in keeping a wine room organized for easy access and identification.  Neck tags are a stylish approach to managing wine collectibles.

Wine racks are must have accessories in cellaring wines.  They are designed to allow the proper placement of wine bottles during storage.  Racking systems come in a range of styles and sizes that can fit various kinds of preferences.  Wine aficionados have a choice between wood and metal wine racks for displaying and organizing their collection.

Contemporary Florida Wine Cellars – Vintage View Wine Racks

Many people are starting to invest in wine racks, wine cellars, and wine cooling systems all for the passion and pleasure of aging wine in the comfort of their very own homes. In many areas around the world, including Florida, the residential wine cellar and wine rack industry is booming. The trend now in wine racks is veering towards the more modern, contemporary designs which consist of the sleekness of glass and metal and focus on rich hues.


Vintage View Evolution Series Wine Racks for Contemporary Custom Wine Cellars

Vintage View Evolution Series Wine Racks

Vintage View Evolution Series Wine Racks

Vintage View Evolution Series wine racks Florida usher in a new method of wine racking that is very much in tune with this modern aesthetic. Made of chrome plated steel and acrylic, this new design is as stylish as it is strong and stable.

Traditional wine racks come in modular designs and can be customized to meet the wine collector’s specific storage needs and requirements. They are constructed from wood and are best for bulk storage where the owner needs to hold a great number of wine bottles.

One of the widest selections of modular wine racks on the market today is offered by Wine Cellar International. Click here to view their modular kit wine racks for both Florida residential and commercial wine cellars.

Vintage View Evolution Series wine racks are also perfect for those who want to access and manage their wine collection easily. With this type of wine racking, the wines’ labels are in full view, allowing good visibility of the information, quality, and description of the vintages on display.

Another advantage of the Vintage View Evolution series is that it can be easily customized to fit any space in your home. It can fit an apartment or house and can easily be adapted to a restaurant  setting as well. This flexibility extends to the budget of the client because it is the clients’ prerogative to choose the type, build, and size that fits their wine cellar’s requirements.

This type of wine rack is also easy to assemble and sturdy. So, whether it’s a small space that you want to convert into a wine storage area or a spare room in your house that you want to transform into a wine tasting room for your guests, it is all possible with Vintage View Evolution Series!

Looking for a professional Florida wine cellar builder? Contact Wine Cellar International at +1 (954) 630-5866. Their team will ensure that the storage space for your collection is built in a way that will provide the right condition needed for wine to age gracefully.

Vintage View Metal Wine Cellar Racks Florida Finish Options for Custom Wine Cellars

Vintage View Metal Cellar Wine Racks - Finishes AvailableMetal wine racks from Vintage View Florida are great for both residential space saving wall wine displays and larger full refrigerated custom wine cellar applications.  They come in a range of finish options to suit all kinds of applications. The finish options include Black Pearl, Brass, Satin Black, Brushed Nickel, Copper and Chrome.

Vintage View Florida Metal Cellar Wine Racks - Finishes Styles Available

Whether you need to create a stunning commercial wine display or plan to convert an unused room in your home into a custom wine cellar Vintage View have a solution for you.  Learn more about Vintage View Florida Metal Wine Racks.

Vintage View Florida Metal Cellar Wine Racks - Finishes Styles In Place

Florida Wine Cellars – Different Types of Wine to Collect

If you have Florida wine cellar, starting a wine collection is not only a great way to enhance your wine tasting experience but also a good investment. In order to protect and preserve the quality of wines, a storage space where temperature and humidity is regulated at constant levels and lighting is kept to a minimum is required.

It is important to maintain temperature between 50 and 59 degrees Fahrenheit.  Erratic temperature levels can cause wines to age prematurely and eventually spoil.  The right amount of humidity for wine storage ranges from 60% to 75%.  If humidity levels are not stabilized, it can cause the corks to dry out and promote mold growth that can be damaging to the overall quality of your collection.

START YOUR OWN WIINE CELLAR PROJECT NOW!Aside from storing your wine collection in a climate controlled environment, it is equally important to store your wine bottles in the right position.  Wine cellar racks are storage devices that allow wine bottles to be stored at an angle.  This keeps the cork moist at all times and prevents it from turning brittle.

Florida custom wine cellars are the ideal enclaves for storing and aging wines because they are installed with wine cellar cooling units that help maintain the best climate conditions.  The best thing about having access to a residential wine cellar is that you are able to store different types of wines that you can pair with your meals to satisfy your palate at any time.  Let’s take a look at the various selections of wines that can be added to your collection.


Florida Wine Cellars – Know the Types of Wines for Your Collection

Wines are segregated into five types: red, white, sparkling, rose, and fortified wines.

Red Wine
Red wine is produced from fermenting dark colored grapes. It gets its red color from the pigment extracted from grape skins during the production process, which is also the reason why red wines have higher tannin content. Tannin is the dry and lip puckering quality in red wines.

Red wines are excellent when paired with red meat.  The most popular types of red wines are Bordeaux, Cabernet, Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chianti, Merlot, Pinot Noir, and Zinfandel. I always make sure that I have a couple of red wines in my Florida home wine cellar. I take 1 glass a day to experience its health and skin benefits! For men, it is recommended to drink 2 glasses of wine a day.


White Wine
White wines are produced from the grape juice of different grape varieties. Grape skins are removed during the fermentation process. Hence, white wines are lighter in color, style, and taste.

In addition to its light taste, I like white wine because it relieves and reduces headaches. My husband often experiences headaches after coming home from work. Drinking 1-2 glasses of white wine reduces his headache, so why not include white wines in your collection?

White wines are best served with white meat. Since they have a refreshing flavor, they are the perfect drink during the spring and summer months. Common types of white wines are Chardonnay, Moscato, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, Petite Arvine, and Semillon.


Sparkling wine is known for its bubbly or fizzy quality due to the significant presence of carbon dioxide. The most popular type of sparkling wine is Champagne, which is produced in the Champagne region of France. Other examples of sparkling wines are Asti, Prosecco, and Cava.


Rose Wine
Rosé wine is produced through the skin contact method. During the fermentation process, grape skins are allowed to make contact with the extracted juice for a short period of time. As a result, rosé wines have a pinkish or blush red tint.


Fortified Wine
Fortified wines are made by adding brandy and other spirits during the fermentation process. Some of the more popular types of fortified wines are Madeira, Sherry, Port, Marsala, and Vermouth.



You can have all types of wine in your Florida residential wine cellar, or you may just choose certain ones you want to add to your collection.


How to Make Use of Leftover Wine – Florida Wine Cellars

Wine is always an important part of an occasion, especially in Florida. It is best to consume the whole bottle within several hours after it is opened. However, it is not always possible. It is unavoidable to leave a bottle of wine half empty. What are the things that you can do to make use of leftover wine?

It is not advisable to return bottles of leftover wine back into your Florida wine cellar or wine cabinet, no matter how controlled the humidity and temperatures are.


Below are the uses of unfinished bottle of wine from your Florida Wine Cellar:


Cook it 

It is said by chefs and cooking enthusiasts to use wine that you would drink for cooking. Wines specifically labeled for cooking are usually bad wine with a high salt content. Being so, they could affect the flavor of the dishes.

I usually use wine on my dishes and am happy to say I was able to impress my guests! Do you know that wine can also substitute fat in many recipes? One example is by sauteing veggies in oil (a smaller amount than usual) and some wine.



WINE MARINADELeftover wine can be used for marinating meat. This adds moisture and flavor to the meat and also tenderizes the meat. You should be cautious when marinating with wine. It is not advisable to use a large amount of wine for marinating. This will avoid being overwhelmed by the additional flavor. This is especially true if there are children who will partake of the marinated meal.

Frozen Wine Cubes 


Another use for leftover wine which amazed me is freezing it-not only for drinking, but also for cooking! The freezing temperature prevents the wine from spoiling. Thus, one or two cubes can be added to flavor soups, sauteed vegetables, stew, and other dishes. This is one unique way of playing with a recipe for a unique twist.

 You can even use frozen wine ice cubes to deglaze a pan. Next time you have an unfinished bottle of wine, pull out an ice tray and make some wine cubes! I did that many times and enjoyed using the wine cubes to make delectable sauces!

Ferment to vinegar 

Leftover wine can be fermented into vinegar. Wine becomes more acidic the longer it stays stored in the wine cellar or wine cabinet. It has natural properties that can transform into vinegar after a certain procedure was undergone.

Wash fruits and vegetables 

Leftover wine can be used to clean fruits and vegetables. Its acidic properties work in removing dirt and bacteria found in produce. A small amount can be added to the water that will be used for washing the fruits and vegetables. Soak them for a few minutes for better results.


Soothe Your Skin          


Many people don’t know that leftover wine may be used to soothe skin! You can pour leftover wine in a tubful of warm water and enjoy its soothing and calming effects.

I have dry skin so I followed a recipe on the internet for making homemade toner. I mixed 3 tablespoons of sweet red wine with 1 tablespoon of honey and 1/2 tablespoon of aloe vera gel. After applying the mixture to my face and neck and rinsing after 10 minutes, I felt the smoothness of my skin! It’s a wonderful way to use left over wine, isn’t it?

Leftover wine need not go to waste as it can be used in different and unique ways. After hosting a wine tasting party in your Florida custom wine cellar, make sure that you don’t get rid of the leftover wine. You can search the web to find more tips or experiment yourself.

If you’re a wine collector who is looking for a professional team to design and install your wine cellar, contact Wine Cellar International. We can help you create your dream custom wine cellar! Click here to complete our Florida Custom Wine Cellars No Obligation Design Consultation Request or call us at +1 (954) 630-5866.


Different Wine Storage Solutions for Your Precious Wines

Wines are susceptible to changes in their environment brought about by external factors such as temperature, humidity, and light.  They are susceptible to deterioration when kept under adverse conditions.  In order for wines to mature to their full potential, they require a climate controlled environment with minimal light infiltration.


External Factors that Affect Wine’s Maturity

As previously mentioned the three factors that can greatly influence a wine’s condition are light, temperature, and humidity.  The reason why most wines are packaged in dark bottles is to protect them from the harmful effects of light.  Continuous exposure to incandescent light can develop possible wine faults and lead to spoilage.

The ideal wine storage temperature is between 50 and 59 degrees Fahrenheit.  If the temperature is too high, it can accelerate the aging process and cause wine spoilage.

Humidity levels should be maintained at 60% to 75%.  Excessive humidity can promote mold growth that can affect the flavor of wines and damage their labels, while lack of humidity can dry out the corks and introduce wine faults.

Different Wine Storage Options


Wine Cellars

Proper wine storage is essential to preserving taste and flavor over time.  Wine cellars are considered the best way to store and age wines.  They are equipped with wine cooling systems that regulate climate conditions and keep them at acceptable levels.  For wine cooling systems to function efficiently, custom wine cellars should be outfitted with proper insulation and vapor barriers to achieve optimum conditions for storing and aging wines.

Wine Storage Racks

Not every wine enthusiast has the financial capacity or the required space to add a wine cellar to their home.  There are alternative wine storage options available for the financially strapped or budget savvy wine lover.  Wine racks are a great example.  Racking systems come in multiple sizes and styles that can accommodate various needs and requirements.

Click here to view more modular wine racks!

Wine Storage Racks

Wine racks are designed to facilitate proper orientation of wine bottles.  Bottles should be laid at an angle to keep the cork in constant contact with the wine.  This ensures that the cork will remain moist at all times and prevent it from drying out.  Wine storage racks are made from various materials such as wood, metal, and stone.

Most wine racks are designed to address constraints in floor space and architectural structure.  The common types of racking systems are modular, wall-mounted, stackable, diamond and rectangular bins, and custom wine racking systems.

Wine Cabinets

Another affordable storage alternative is refrigerated wine cabinets.  These wine cabinets operate like mini wine cellars because they come with wine cooling systems that control temperature and humidity levels.  They also provide individual cubbyholes that protect the wine bottles from breakage.

Wine cabinets are available in various designs and storage capacities.  Some cabinets have additional features like stemware racks and drawers.  Stemware racks allow you to hang your wine glasses for ease of access.  Drawers are used to store wine related accessories such as corkscrews and wine stoppers.

Whichever wine storage solution you choose, always take into consideration the three factors that can affect the overall condition of your wines.  The storage environment should have minimal light exposure and climate conditions should remain stable.

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