Forget Incandescent Bulbs. Stick to LED Lights for Beautiful Wine Cellar Displays, Great Savings, and Quality Wine

The wrong type of lighting system can be detrimental to your wines and cause you to spend more money in the future. Find out the importance of proper lighting, and why LED lights are highly recommended by wine cellar experts. The Wrong Lighting System can Harm Your Wine Heat is the number one enemy of […] Read more »

Wine Cellar Design – Wine Cellar Lighting and Wine Cellar Accessories

  A wine storage room not only functions as an ideal location for storing prized wine collectibles, it also doubles as a perfect venue for entertaining guests.  Hence, wine cellar design and construction should focus on the functionality and aesthetic aspects of a storage space.  Wine cellar builders should aim to provide the best possible conditions, wherein wines can age undisturbed, […] Read more »