Florida Wine Cellars – Different Types of Wine to Collect

If you have Florida wine cellar, starting a wine collection is not only a great way to enhance your wine tasting experience but also a good investment. In order to protect and preserve the quality of wines, a storage space where temperature and humidity is regulated at constant levels and lighting is kept to a […] Read more »

How to Make Use of Leftover Wine – Florida Wine Cellars

Wine is always an important part of an occasion, especially in Florida. It is best to consume the whole bottle within several hours after it is opened. However, it is not always possible. It is unavoidable to leave a bottle of wine half empty. What are the things that you can do to make use of leftover wine? It […] Read more »

Wine in Your Wine Cellar & How to Pair it With Food

Taste is subjective. We all have different palates so one combination that might work for us won’t work for others. Finding a perfect match will add pleasure when dining.  Anyone can make a successful wine and food combination. Most of us know the basics: red wine goes with meat, white wine goes with fish and chicken. Nowadays there are a lot of things to consider because of […] Read more »

Decorate Your Garden with Used Wine Bottles from Your Home Wine Cellar

Nowadays, many people in Florida collect wines as a hobby and like to pick their favorite vintage from their custom wine cellar anytime. There are a number of wine collectors we know in Miami who also want to be environmentally-friendly, so after a dinner with family and friends, they decided to collect empty wine bottles and turn them into decorative items. This is to help minimize landfill waste, thus helping save our […] Read more »

Red Wine in Your Wine Cellar – a Great Cooking Ingredient

A very tasteful dish awaits those who know how to cook with wine. The reason wine works well as a cooking ingredient is its complex flavors and aromas. It enhances and intensifies the flavor of food. Wine can be used as a marinade, as a flavoring in a finished dish and as a cooking liquid. […] Read more »

Wine Cellar Gadgets – Great Gifts for Wine Lovers

Wine lovers enjoy their wine cellar by maintaining the proper environment within it and organizing their favorite wine bottles with the right gadgets and accessories. There are gift shops or online stores where you can purchase wine cellar gadgets. With several wine cellar gadgets on the market today, and since they are mostly suitable for any occasion, you won’t have difficulty finding the ideal gift […] Read more »