Safeguard Your Wines in a Beautiful Florida Residential Wine Cellar

Having a safe and attractive storage space for your collection cannot be achieved without the help of a professional. Wine Cellar International builds Florida residential wine cellars equipped with the right components and designed with great features. Working with them will ensure that your wines are stored safely and beautifully.

A Trusted Builder Can Build a Safe and Stunning Custom Wine Cellar in Your Home

residential wine cellar Florida

Home Wine Cellar Florida


There are crucial factors that must be considered in building a wine cellar.

If you are planning to start your own wine room conversion project, make sure that you choose a company that has extensive experience in wine cellar construction.

Wine Cellar International is a reliable designer and installer of home wine cellars in Florida. They use their passion, extensive experience and creativity in building custom wine rooms to protect their clients’ collection from damaging environmental factors.

It is also their goal to enhance the beauty of your home by incorporating custom accents to create visually appealing wine cellar displays.

Ensuring a Climate-Controlled Environment

The absence of stability in temperature and humidity in a wine room causes wine to lose its desirable characteristics. This can result in off flavors and discoloration in wine. To prevent wine faults, your collection must be stored in a room that is tightly sealed and is able to provide wine optimal storage conditions.

Sealing a Wine Cellar

sealing Florida wine cellars

Sealing the Wine Cellar

Sealing a wine cellar is necessary to keep the cool air from escaping and the warm air from entering the room. To seal a wine room, Wine Cellar International makes sure that the walls, ceilings, doors, flooring, and windows are well insulated. Proper insulation protects your precious wines from being spoiled due to heat and moisture.

They also install a vapor barrier, which helps prevent moisture build up in the room. Moisture triggers mold growth that can affect not only wine’s quality, but also the structural integrity of your cellar racking.

Wine Cellar International also installs exterior-grade doors with sealing components to help keep a stable environment in your Florida residential wine cellar.

Achieving a Cool Environment with an Efficient Wine Cooling System

wine cellar cooling unit FloridaThe wine cooling system is another important aspect in wine cellar construction. Without it, wine will deteriorate, resulting in waste of investment.

There are different types and brands of refrigeration systems for wine cellars. Wine Cellar International can help you determine a cooling unit of the right size, type, brand, and capacity.

View the different wine cooling options they offer.

Splendid Custom Wine Displays for Florida Residential Wine Cellars

custom wine cellar displays Florida

Wine Cellar Displays Created by Wine Cellar International

Your wine cellar should not only protect your collection for years to come. It should also be designed to provide a beautiful place for entertaining friends.

Wine Cellar International combines creativity and passion in designing wine cellars. They have created attractive designs for residential wine storage applications.

They always see to it that your racking, flooring, and doors are visually appealing and complement the existing décor of your home. Depending on your preference, they can add custom features to make your wine cellar unique. In demand custom components include art murals, wine barrel carvings, wine barrel flooring, and rolling ladders.

View their custom wine cellar gallery.

Art Murals

With art murals, you can add an artistic backdrop to your wine room. There are wonderful mural designs to choose from, including vineyards, grapes, wine barrels, landscapes, your favorite photo, or any design that you want.  Wine Cellar International will work with you to ensure that this piece of art adds beauty to your cellar.

Wine Barrel Carvings

Another way to make your wine room unique is by adding a wine barrel carving. Modern wood artisans have revived the tradition of hand carving recycled wine barrels, giving homeowners the opportunity to have an exceptional and environment-friendly wine cellar.

Often made from the ends of reclaimed wine barrels, these carvings can be painted in various colors. You can add a personal touch to the wine barrel carving by using your own design.

Wine Barrel Flooring

When reclaimed wine barrels are broken into long strips, they can be engineered to create beautiful flooring. It can be made from the barrel heads, inside planks stained by wine, or the outer parts of the barrels.

This flooring option is eco-friendly and adds character to the overall design of your wine cellar. In addition to aesthetic benefits, wine barrel flooring creates a relaxing ambiance to a wine room.

Wooden Wine Racks

Wooden Wine Racks Florida

Wooden Wine Racks Florida

The ability of wood to blend well with almost any home design makes it a favorite wine rack material of many wine enthusiasts. It also adds warmth and a classic touch to the wine room.

There are readily built wooden wine racks, but customized racking is recommended for those who want a more distinctive wine cellar. Most clients of Wine Cellar International have chosen custom-designed wooden wine racks to make their wine room unique.

Popular styles of racking include the waterfall display, archway, diamond bins, and quarter round display.

Some of the widely used wood species in wine rack construction are redwood, mahogany, and pine. Depending on your personal preference, you may stain the wood or leave it unfinished.

Metal Storage Racks

metal wine racks Florida

Metal Racking

Metal is an in demand material for building contemporary wine cellars. In addition to their sleekness, metal wine racks display wine bottles in an elegant way. This storage option also displays your wines with full visibility of the wine labels, making wine inventory and management convenient.

At Wine Cellar International, they offer metal racking from Vintage View. If you have a modern inspired living space, this type of racking is suitable for you.

Store Your Wines Safely in a Beautiful Wine Cellar with the Help of a Master Builder

Wine Cellar International is a leading manufacturer of Florida residential wine cellars. With their passion in building efficient and stunning wine rooms, you will be able to enjoy the functional and aesthetic benefits of your wine cellar.

To start your own wine cellar conversion project, call them today at +1 (954) 630-5866.

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