How Proper Insulation and Cooling of Florida Home Wine Cellars Can Benefit You

The wrong cooling system and poor insulation can destroy the stability of temperature and humidity in your Florida home wine cellar. Residential owners must understand the importance of cooling and sealing a wine room. They must hire a master builder for their next project to ensure that their wines are in a safe storage place. At Wine Cellar International, an efficient cooling unit and proper insulation of their client’s door and flooring are important considerations in wine cellar construction.

Proper Cooling and Wine Room Insulation Will Keep Your Collection Safe

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Reclaimed Wine Barrels used for Racking and Flooring

Wine is perishable. It easily deteriorates when stored in poor conditions. In order to maintain a safe storage environment for wine, there are elements in wine cellar construction that must be installed only by a professional. These include the room insulation, cooling system, flooring, and door.

At Wine Cellar International, they make a careful assessment of your technical, aesthetic, and financial requirements before starting the construction. This will help prevent wine cellar mistakes that can harm their client’s collection, and can result in significant expenses in the future.

Below are important questions that need to be answered to determine the right components for your wine cellar:

  • Where is your wine room located?
  • What is the size of the room?
  • How many wine bottles do you intend to store?
  • Do you have an available room for heat exhaust?
  • What is your allotted budget for the project?
  • What is the design of your racking? Do you want the cooling unit to take up a space in your racking?
  • What are your aesthetic requirements?

The Importance of Wine Cellar Insulation

Florida wine cellar insulation

Wine Cellar Insulation

The ideal storage conditions for aging wine can be achieved by installing proper insulation. Not only the walls and ceilings must be insulated, but also your flooring and door.

Why is insulation required in a climate-controlled wine cellar? A well-insulated storage room will prevent extreme changes in temperature and humidity levels. Keep in mind that wine needs a stable environment in order to reach proper maturation before it is consumed.

Failure to achieve the optimum temperature and humidity levels can trigger mold growth, and will eventually ruin the wine’s quality by contaminating the cork. Also, the wine labels and the structural integrity of the walls, ceiling, and racking might be damaged.

For these reasons, choosing a builder with extensive experience in wine cellar construction is recommended. At Wine Cellar International, we always make sure that our client’s walls, ceiling, flooring and entryway has proper insulation, and are made of quality materials.

Why Your Walls and Ceilings Must Be Properly Insulated

Florida wine room insulation

Wine Cellar Construction

One of the reasons wine becomes damaged is due to improper insulation. After framing the wine room, the next step is to insulate its walls and ceiling.

Insulated wine cellars can protect one’s collection from external elements that can affect wine’s aging process. Heat is the main enemy of wine.

Without the proper insulation of the walls and ceilings, the temperature of your cellar will not be kept at the ideal range. Moreover, the humidity will not be stable, resulting in moisture build up and mold growth.

Ideally, cooled wine cellars must have R-30 insulation. This will prevent your wine refrigeration system from working harder than it should, which helps you conserve electricity.

Insulated Flooring – a Requirement in Climate-Controlled Florida Home Wine Cellars

Just like the walls and ceiling, the flooring in refrigerated wine rooms must be well insulated. This is required in flooring with a hollow space underneath it. Concrete floors on the other hand, do not need insulation.

Ideally, flooring must have R-19 insulation to keep the storage environment stable. This will also eliminate moisture build up.

You can go for cork, reclaimed wine barrel, tile, slate, or marble flooring. Carpets are not recommended for refrigerated wine cellars because they absorb humidity easily and can be good breeding grounds of fungi.

Wine Cellar Entryway – Insulation and Sealing Can Prevent Wine Damage

Florida wine cellar door and cooling unitAnother component in building a wine cellar is the door. Your entryway can cause wine faults if it is not equipped with the correct sealing components.

Wine Cellar International uses exterior grade doors and install them with weather stripping and automatic door bottoms to prevent air leakage. For doors with glass, they use tempered insulated panels to create an airtight seal in your cellar.

Learn how they installed the door for one of their Florida wine cellar installation projects.

Efficient Florida Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems Can Keep Your Wines at Their Best

In the world of wine collecting, the main goal is to provide wine the safest storage place in your home. Whether the room is located in the basement, garage, entertainment area, kitchen, closet, or under the stairs, it must be equipped with an effective climate-control system.

It will allow your favorite vintages to last. Standard air conditioning systems should not be used because they are not designed to cool Florida home wine cellars efficiently.

In addition to maximum cooling efficiency, wine enthusiasts like you, should also look for a refrigeration unit that operates quietly or produces no noise at all, has flexible installation options, and is easy to repair.

Different Choices for Your Wine Cellar Cooling System

Wine Cellar International offers refrigeration systems in different categories: split systems, self-contained systems, and self-contained ducted units.

They also offer a line of commercial grade wine refrigeration systems manufactured by Wine Guardian, WhisperKOOL, US Cellar Systems, and CellarMate. After knowing all of your requirements, they will be able to determine the best cooling solution for your wine cellar.

Have an Expert Cool and Insulate Your Wine Room

Wine Cellar International master builderWine Cellar International builds wine storage spaces with proper cooling and insulation. With many years of experience in the construction industry, they can provide the unique storage requirements of each homeowner. They create Florida home wine cellar designs with passion and creativity, resulting in stellar and functional wine displays.

Get in touch with them today at +1 (954) 306-3180 or request a 3-dimensional wine cellar design for FREE!

Safeguard Your Wines in a Beautiful Florida Residential Wine Cellar

Having a safe and attractive storage space for your collection cannot be achieved without the help of a professional. Wine Cellar International builds Florida residential wine cellars equipped with the right components and designed with great features. Working with them will ensure that your wines are stored safely and beautifully.

A Trusted Builder Can Build a Safe and Stunning Custom Wine Cellar in Your Home

residential wine cellar Florida

Home Wine Cellar Florida


There are crucial factors that must be considered in building a wine cellar.

If you are planning to start your own wine room conversion project, make sure that you choose a company that has extensive experience in wine cellar construction.

Wine Cellar International is a reliable designer and installer of home wine cellars in Florida. They use their passion, extensive experience and creativity in building custom wine rooms to protect their clients’ collection from damaging environmental factors.

It is also their goal to enhance the beauty of your home by incorporating custom accents to create visually appealing wine cellar displays.

Ensuring a Climate-Controlled Environment

The absence of stability in temperature and humidity in a wine room causes wine to lose its desirable characteristics. This can result in off flavors and discoloration in wine. To prevent wine faults, your collection must be stored in a room that is tightly sealed and is able to provide wine optimal storage conditions.

Sealing a Wine Cellar

sealing Florida wine cellars

Sealing the Wine Cellar

Sealing a wine cellar is necessary to keep the cool air from escaping and the warm air from entering the room. To seal a wine room, Wine Cellar International makes sure that the walls, ceilings, doors, flooring, and windows are well insulated. Proper insulation protects your precious wines from being spoiled due to heat and moisture.

They also install a vapor barrier, which helps prevent moisture build up in the room. Moisture triggers mold growth that can affect not only wine’s quality, but also the structural integrity of your cellar racking.

Wine Cellar International also installs exterior-grade doors with sealing components to help keep a stable environment in your Florida residential wine cellar.

Achieving a Cool Environment with an Efficient Wine Cooling System

wine cellar cooling unit FloridaThe wine cooling system is another important aspect in wine cellar construction. Without it, wine will deteriorate, resulting in waste of investment.

There are different types and brands of refrigeration systems for wine cellars. Wine Cellar International can help you determine a cooling unit of the right size, type, brand, and capacity.

View the different wine cooling options they offer.

Splendid Custom Wine Displays for Florida Residential Wine Cellars

custom wine cellar displays Florida

Wine Cellar Displays Created by Wine Cellar International

Your wine cellar should not only protect your collection for years to come. It should also be designed to provide a beautiful place for entertaining friends.

Wine Cellar International combines creativity and passion in designing wine cellars. They have created attractive designs for residential wine storage applications.

They always see to it that your racking, flooring, and doors are visually appealing and complement the existing décor of your home. Depending on your preference, they can add custom features to make your wine cellar unique. In demand custom components include art murals, wine barrel carvings, wine barrel flooring, and rolling ladders.

View their custom wine cellar gallery.

Art Murals

With art murals, you can add an artistic backdrop to your wine room. There are wonderful mural designs to choose from, including vineyards, grapes, wine barrels, landscapes, your favorite photo, or any design that you want.  Wine Cellar International will work with you to ensure that this piece of art adds beauty to your cellar.

Wine Barrel Carvings

Another way to make your wine room unique is by adding a wine barrel carving. Modern wood artisans have revived the tradition of hand carving recycled wine barrels, giving homeowners the opportunity to have an exceptional and environment-friendly wine cellar.

Often made from the ends of reclaimed wine barrels, these carvings can be painted in various colors. You can add a personal touch to the wine barrel carving by using your own design.

Wine Barrel Flooring

When reclaimed wine barrels are broken into long strips, they can be engineered to create beautiful flooring. It can be made from the barrel heads, inside planks stained by wine, or the outer parts of the barrels.

This flooring option is eco-friendly and adds character to the overall design of your wine cellar. In addition to aesthetic benefits, wine barrel flooring creates a relaxing ambiance to a wine room.

Wooden Wine Racks

Wooden Wine Racks Florida

Wooden Wine Racks Florida

The ability of wood to blend well with almost any home design makes it a favorite wine rack material of many wine enthusiasts. It also adds warmth and a classic touch to the wine room.

There are readily built wooden wine racks, but customized racking is recommended for those who want a more distinctive wine cellar. Most clients of Wine Cellar International have chosen custom-designed wooden wine racks to make their wine room unique.

Popular styles of racking include the waterfall display, archway, diamond bins, and quarter round display.

Some of the widely used wood species in wine rack construction are redwood, mahogany, and pine. Depending on your personal preference, you may stain the wood or leave it unfinished.

Metal Storage Racks

metal wine racks Florida

Metal Racking

Metal is an in demand material for building contemporary wine cellars. In addition to their sleekness, metal wine racks display wine bottles in an elegant way. This storage option also displays your wines with full visibility of the wine labels, making wine inventory and management convenient.

At Wine Cellar International, they offer metal racking from Vintage View. If you have a modern inspired living space, this type of racking is suitable for you.

Store Your Wines Safely in a Beautiful Wine Cellar with the Help of a Master Builder

Wine Cellar International is a leading manufacturer of Florida residential wine cellars. With their passion in building efficient and stunning wine rooms, you will be able to enjoy the functional and aesthetic benefits of your wine cellar.

To start your own wine cellar conversion project, call them today at +1 (954) 630-5866.

Mold Growth in Florida Residential Wine Cellars

Mold growth is a problem that needs to be avoided by wine cellar owners to preserve their collection for years to come. The key to having a mold-free residential wine cellar is to let an expert in Florida examine if there are structural components in your wine room that can trigger mold growth. Wine Cellar International, a wine storage expert in Florida, discusses the main causes, effects, and how they can help you prevent this problem.

Mold Growth in Wine Storage Spaces

damp wine cellar

Molds Love Damp Wine Cellars

Are molds starting to grow in your home wine cellar? Mold growth is a big problem that needs to be given attention immediately. Ignoring this will result in significant expense and inconvenience in the future.

Molds can damage your collection and the structural integrity of your wine cellar. Their favorite breeding grounds are areas that are dark and damp, such as wine cellars. They commonly thrive on wooden racking of wine cellars.  You may also find them on corks and wine labels of wines stored in poor conditions.

Mold growth can result in costly damage if not prevented. What are the causes of mold growth, and how do you prevent them from ruining your favorite vintages? If you want to safeguard your investment, you need to find ways to avoid or prevent fungi in your cellar.

Causes of Molds in Florida Residential Wine Cellars

The damp conditions in wine cellars favor the growth of molds. Factors that contribute to mold growth are the vapor barrier, humidity and insulation.

Poorly Installed Vapor Barrier

wine room insulation

Poor Installation of the Vapor Barrier Causes Mold Growth

A vapor barrier helps control humidity in your wine cellar. Its main function is to separate the distinct conditions of your wine room from the rest of your home.

Vapor barriers prevent condensation build up in the walls and ceiling of your storage space. They must be installed on the warm side of the wall, and before insulation, to prevent condensation forming in room surfaces.

Poor installation of the vapor barrier will let moisture seep through the wall cavities, causing development of moisture. Moist wine cellars often lead to mold growth, which can damage the wine and its labels, corks, racking, walls, and ceiling.

Closed cell urethane foam is ideally used by many Florida residential wine cellar builders as a vapor barrier. It is a bit expensive, but the good thing about it is that it can act as an insulator too.

The installation of a vapor barrier in wine cellars is a critical process. Thus, it is best to let a professional do it.  One of the most trusted builders in Florida is Wine Cellar International.  View their custom wine cellar gallery.

Incorrect Wine Cellar Insulation

The main purpose of insulating the walls and ceilings of wine cellars is to keep warm air from entering your wine room. Without a tight seal, moisture will form in your climate-controlled wine room, which will trigger the development of mold and mildew in the wall cavities. This may result in warping of your studs or joists, and may also damage your wine and labels.

The correct R-value must be used for the insulation. The ideal insulation for the walls is R-19, and R-30 for the ceilings. In addition to walls and ceilings, the flooring and door must also be insulated. This will help maintain the desired moisture in your wine room.

High Humidity Levels

wine cellar humidity

Stable Humidity Levels Can Be Achieved with an Efficient Wine Cooling System

Humidity contributes to achieving perfect wine cellar conditions. Failure to have precise control of humidity will provide molds an environment for growth.

Humidity in refrigerated wine rooms should be 60-70%. When it goes higher than 80%, molds are more likely to find a breeding ground in your wine cellar. Remember that these type of microorganisms love to grow in moist areas.

An efficient wine cooling system will allow you to achieve the ideal wine cellar humidity. Refrigeration systems vary in type, style, and capacity, thus it is recommend that you seek the help of a professional. A master builder will also insulate your wine room properly.

Wine Cellar International aims to keep their clients’ collections safe. For this very reason, they use only high quality cooling units in their projects. After the assessment of your storage needs, they will determine the most suitable cooling solution for your space. All their climate-controlled systems are designed for excellent performance, allowing you to enjoy your favorite vintages for many years.

Don’t Want Molds in Your Florida Residential Wine Cellar? A Wine Storage Expert Can Help You.

Wine Cellar International, a Top Notch Master Builder in Florida

Wine Cellar International, a Top Notch Master Builder in Florida

Mold growth is a serious problem that must be avoided by wine cellar owners. If you want to ensure that you have a mold-free wine room, it is recommended that you hire an expert who will examine your storage space, and see if there are construction issues that cause the growth of these fungi.

Having your wine cellar fixed means additional expense, but doing this will save you money in the long run. This will ensure that your walls, wine labels, and cellar racking are free from molds, protecting your investment. Don’t wait for more serious problems to occur before taking preventive action. This will also give you the opportunity to modify your racking, or add some more accents to your storage space.

So, what are you waiting for? ACT NOW! Contact one of the top residential builders in Florida, Wine Cellar International, at +1 (954) 630-5866, or send an email to

Forget Incandescent Bulbs. Stick to LED Lights for Beautiful Wine Cellar Displays, Great Savings, and Quality Wine

wine exposed to lightThe wrong type of lighting system can be detrimental to your wines and cause you to spend more money in the future. Find out the importance of proper lighting, and why LED lights are highly recommended by wine cellar experts.

The Wrong Lighting System can Harm Your Wine

Heat is the number one enemy of wine. Too much heat exposure has devastating effects on the color and stability of wine.

The cork is pushed out by the heated air, resulting in oxidized wine. Off flavors, brownish color and rapid maturation are some of the signs of heat damage. To avoid these problems, proper lighting must be considered carefully when building a wine room.

Choosing the wrong type of lighting system is one of the common mistakes that wine cellar owners make. Your lighting must provide ample light; bright light should be avoided at all costs to prevent wine from losing its desirable characteristics.

Lighting fixtures that produce UV rays must be avoided. This is because radiation causes a “light-struck” taste and smell in wine. You don’t want your favorite vintages to taste like wet cardboard.

Getting your lighting wrong in your wine cellar will not only harm your wines, but will also cause you to spend more for renovations or replacement of wine stock. Working with a professional will help you decide on the right type of lighting suitable for your wine room .

The Role of Wine Cellar Lighting

wine cellar light

Installing a lighting system in your Florida residential wine cellar is necessary for reading wine labels, selecting a bottle of your favorite vintage, and highlighting your collection beautifully. It also allows you and your guests to enjoy the ambiance of the room.

The main reason wine bottles are dark-colored is to protect the liquid against harmful light. The proper lighting system will ensure that your wines are safe by providing low heat output. It should provide ample light and a relaxing mood in your storage space.

One of the favorite options used by wine cellar builders is LED (otherwise known as light-emitting diodes). Using this in your wine storage room creates an appealing display of your collection while keeping your wines safe, and your energy bills low. With its many benefits, it’s understandable why most Florida home wine cellars are now installed with LED lights.

How LED Lights Can Benefit Wine Collectors

Very Low Heat Emissions

LED lights

LED Lights Emit Very Minimal Heat

incandescent bulbUsing incandescent or fluorescent bulbs to illuminate a wine storage room is not recommended because they emit more heat. Faulty flavors and decreased shelf life of a bottled wine is the result of very high wine storage temperatures.

With LED lights, very minimal heat is emitted. LEDs also stay cool and won’t affect temperature in a wine cellar. This prevents temperature fluctuations, thus eliminating the risk of wine degradation and moisture build up.

Using them in your climate-controlled wine storage room will prevent undesirable changes in the overall characteristics of wine because more energy is converted to light rather than heat, and no UV light is emitted. Other lighting systems release 80%-90% of their energy as heat, which can be detrimental to wine.


LED lighting is in demand all over the world because of its cost-effectiveness. LEDs consume at least 75% less energy than regular bulbs.

Low-energy usage means lower electric bills. Since LED lights do not contribute to heat build-up in a wine cellar, they will not force your cooling system to work harder, thus reducing energy consumption.

They have a lifespan 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs. Their longevity will save you money on replacement costs.

Offers Dramatic Flair to Your Wine Display

wine rack with led lights

LED Lighting Creates a Beautiful Wine Display

The LED lighting is commonly used for corners, archways, backlighting, high-reveal display rows, and arches in wine racks. It allows the wine collector to highlight his or her precious wine collection dramatically with enough light. With a wide range of color options to choose from, you can create the right mood that you want for you wine room.

Achieve the Ambiance that You Desire with Hidden Light Source

With flexibility and ease of installation, LED lights can be placed in a variety of positions to create the right mood for your home wine cellar. Unlike traditional lighting, there are no physical tubes or bulbs when you use LED-based light. The source can be completely hidden for a clean-looking wine room. This also directs the focus of occupants to the wine, not the lighting fixture.

LED lights can create a romantic and relaxing atmosphere when mounted on top of wine racks. The light will appear like it is climbing the wall, and fading toward the center. Flexible LED light strips can serve as the main light source of smaller wine cellars.

Maximum Control of Light

dimmable led light

Adjust the Brightness of Your LED Lights with a Dimmer Switch

LED lights can be put on a dimmer switch so the owner can adjust the brightness in the room. It will help control and maintain the temperature of the environment. A timer is also necessary in ensuring that the lights are off when you don’t need them. Accidentally leaving them on for a long time can spoil your wine. These control and monitoring features are vital to prevent a waste of investment.

More LED Lighting Tips for Your Home Wine Cellar

  • Use LED downlights to highlight bottles stored in floor-to-ceiling wine racks.
  • For free-standing racks, LED display lights are recommended.
  • Spotlight individual bottles on the racks and the tabletop area with puck lights.
  • Opt for recessed uplights to accent racks from below.
  • Achieve a romantic mood by selecting a LEDs with Chardonnay White color

By choosing every element carefully including your wine cellar lighting, you will have peace of mind that your collection is in good hands. In the end, you and your guests will not only reap the benefits of good wine, but also enjoy the visually-appealing display of your collection.

Want to Have a LED-Lit Wine Room? Talk to a Professional.

You can rely on Wine Cellar International when it comes to creating a unique and tasteful design for your custom wine room. They use lighting systems that add life to their clients’ wine storage space. They also offer high quality wine racks, and commercial grade refrigeration systems. Call them today!

Wine Cellar International

+1 (954) 630-5866

Top 5 Reasons to Invest in a Home Wine Cellar

Not all wine collectors invest in a residential wine cellar. Some prefer wine refrigerators, while more avid collectors prefer a custom wine room with an efficient wine cellar refrigeration system. While one is not preferable over the other, there are reasons why collectors invest in a wine cellar for their wine collection.

The Benefits of Having Your Own Florida Wine Cellar

Wine Storage and Aging 

If the collector’s main goal is not only to store wines but also to age them, it is important that he has his own wine cellar. Wine cellars are designed to provide optimal conditions that allow wine to mature properly.

To achieve proper wine storage, the environment for wine must have stable temperature and humidity levels. A wine refrigerator can only be useful for enthusiasts who buy wines they are planning to drink within a short time after purchase.

A full wine cellar is able to keep wines for many years. Collectors who age wines are usually sellers and buy wines by the box.

Moreover, they buy and invest in expensive wines which bottles range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. A wine cellar will greatly help protect the investment in wines bought by the collector until such time that they are ready to be consumed or sold.

One Place for All 

A wine cellar gives the collector enough space for all his wine bottles and other wine paraphernalia. If the collector plans to collect and store hundreds of wine bottles, a simple wine refrigerator, no matter how big, will not do.

As the bottles will not be drunk right away, wine needs a more controlled environment for storage until such time that it is consumed. Some Florida wine cellar designers include areas for wine tasting and designated spaces to keep and display the wine glasses, corks, corkscrews, humidors, and the like.


A wine cellar offers convenience to the wine collector. As all wine bottles and everything wine-related is in place in the wine cellar, it is easier to track down one’s inventory of wines.

Most of the time, wine collectors are also fond of entertaining and dining with family and friends. They are into wine and food pairings for their guests.

Having a wine cellar will give them the easy task of pairing the best wine with the food they are serving, with no chance of the wine being unavailable as it is readily available in his stock or collection.

The wine collector and enthusiast will find it easier to succumb to wine sales, as he has a ready space to keep his loot. He can even buy boxes of his favorite wines or those which are rare and hard to find, as he has a wine cellar to keep them without fear of them being ruined or spoiled.


Florida wine cellar designers can include a security feature for your custom wine cellar. For families with children and teenagers, a wine cellar is more likely to keep wines safe from the curious hands of minors. Also, if one is collecting and aging fine wines, it is important to have security at your fingertips to keep your investment safe.

Status Symbol 

Having your own Florida custom wine cellar is a status symbol that you are an avid wine collector. It is also great to see one’s wine collection in a proper and elegant display where family, friends, and acquaintances can easily admire them.

Tips in Looking for a Custom Wine Cellar Builder

It is important to scout around and research for the best wine cellar builder that will respond to your needs from day one. The internet is full of information about wine cellar builders in your area. It is also helpful to ask family, friends, and fellow wine collectors and enthusiasts for referrals.

Look for a wine cellar builder who understands your needs and keeps them in mind; one who pays attention to your limitations, especially pertaining to the budget set for the building of the wine cellar.

The company must have a good track record from past clients. Researching and inquiring about the reputation of the builder will be beneficial as this will indicate how they relate and how they treat past and present clients.

Visit the showrooms of several wine cellar builders before deciding on engaging the services of one provider. Gauge the pros and cons and decide based on what your priorities are.

When visiting them, make sure that you know their background, services, price range, and the like. Also, do not engage with them right away. Discuss their merits and shortcomings with your spouse, partner, friend, or fellow enthusiast.

Look for a designer which offers the best in materials, price quotes, and design layout possibilities. After all, your wine cellar will be part of your home for a long time.

You might as well be thorough about it from the start to avoid wasting time, money, and effort. Plus, you are assured of a great project worth displaying and showing off to people.

Looking for a wine cellar designer and installer? Wine Cellar International creates custom wine cellars for residential and commercial purposes that reflect the owners’ personality. We only use quality products and provide professional and friendly service. Contact them at +1 (954) 630-5866 or click here to fill out a design request form.

Contemporary Custom Wine Cellars North Miami Aventura Florida

Contemporary Custom Wine Cellars North Miami Aventura Florida – A Processed Video Transcription


Contemporary Custom Wine Cellars North Miami Aventura Florida

Custom Wine Cellars North Miami Florida

Contemporary Wine Cellar Miami Florida

Contemporary Wine Cellar Miami Florida

“This project here is located in north of Miami, Aventura area.  It is one of the more affluent communities in the general mining area.  This project here is high-end residential.

The client had a goal for roughly about 800 to 1,000 bottles they’re trying to accommodate.  They wanted a modern feel for the space.  They wanted a really defined custom wine cellars North Miami Florida for their wine collection.

The first part that I decided to go with to be the main focal point of the wine room and to be the biggest visual element was the back wall.  I wanted to do that with a wood product that was going to have a darker stain.

Contemporary Wine Cellar Design

Something with a little modern feel, streamline look, and not too ornate with a pretty good storage capacity.  In doing the wine cellar design, we went for double deep lower level that is two bottles deep.  It gives the wine cellar a nice look and good bulk storage.  It’s great for a wine collector that buys a lot of light kind product.”

“Can we go in and look at the lower area there?”


Contemporary Custom Wine Cellars North Miami Florida

Contemporary Custom Wine Cellars North Miami Florida

Wine Storage and Wine Display

“This is the diamond bin.  This is a very traditional method to store bulk.  A lot of restaurants utilize this just because you get so much more storage capacity per square foot.

In this case, the client here is only using the front.  Their needs haven’t really met what the capacity for this space is yet.  But they kind of wanted a room that they could grow into, so this is a perfect accent piece for them.

This product up here is horizontal storage and it allows for the wine bottles to be displayed three bottles deep.  It’s really nice because you’re not searching around for your wine bottles, yet it still allows you a depth of three bottle capacity up here.  What we decided to add in this part here was a little bit of stemware holder for the client.

A lot of clients like to have in their contemporary wine cellar a place where they can hang their stemware or their glassware, so it’s all in that one space.  They don’t have to go looking off in the kitchen and it’s a nice visual element as well.

The little work space area is a little bit deeper for bottles that you have decanted.  A little open area with matching wooden product.  It is sealed with a stain.  We occasionally do it with lacquer.  In this case here, it’s just regular stain to match the look that the client had in mind.”

Wine Cellar Design - Wine Storage and Wine Display

Wine Cellar Design – Wine Storage and Wine Display

Sell More Wine with Appealing Commercial Wine Displays

If you have a Florida commercial wine cellar or restaurant and your main goal is to sell wine, it is essential to ensure that your products are of good quality when purchased by the customers. It is the key to encouraging them to come back to your store to buy their favorite vintages. The result is high sales generation leads!

Wine stored in a commercial wine cellar can have good quality if the environment is climate-controlled. Wine cellar cooling systems are designed to stabilize the temperature and humidity in wine rooms, so include the wine refrigeration system on top of your list when planning to build your own commercial wine cellar. In the long run, you will savor all the benefits of providing your wines the best storage environment.

Stunning Commercial Wine Displays Can Increase Sales

In addition to product quality, stunning Florida commercial wine displays are also proven to affect sales generation. This applies not only to wine stores, but also to restaurants, hotels, and bars.

Stunning Wine Displays can Increase Sales

Put your feet in the shoes of your customers. Which store would you be interested to come in, one with a boring and unorganized wine display or the store which showcases wine bottles attractively? You would definitely enter one that has unique and impressive wine racking, right?

Wine Racking System

Hire a custom wine cellar professional who can design and install the most ideal wine racking system in your commercial wine cellar. Wood and metal are the most popular materials used in wine rack construction.

Your wine rack must be designed not only for aesthetic purposes, but also for proper storage and easy viewing of labels.

Wine Cellar Lighting System

WINE CELLAR LIGHTING The stunning wine displays and lighting, when put together, create a commercial custom wine room that customers can’t resist. But, remember that too much light won’t do any good to wine, so ambient lighting is recommended. Consult your wine cellar builder to determine which lighting system will suit your wine storage needs and requirements.

Once customers like the convenience and appealing atmosphere inside your commercial wine cellar, they will surely be encouraged to purchase your wines again and again. They might even promote your store to their friends or through social media tools. “Word of mouth” means a lot to businesses.

Discuss all your goals and requirements with Wine Cellar International and they will provide you the most suitable, functional commercial wine storage solution that will showcase your wine aesthetically and increase your sales. Contact them now at +1 (954) 630-5866 or visit their website at

Space-Savvy Wine Racks for Your Home

When you’ve finally decided that the days of stocking your wine in a spare box and storing them in your closet are over, you are finally ready to start collecting wine seriously. But, if you are on a budget or not ready yet to convert a part of your home into a full wine cellar, wine racks are the next best option.

Before anything else, you must consider the space that you will allot for your wine racks. These days, many people don’t have a lot of room to spare in their homes for wine storage racks, but the good news is that there are plenty of space-saving wine racks on the market.

Wine racks come in a variety of designs, allowing you to match them with the rest of your furniture or make them a statement piece in your room. Wine racks can also be assembled on your own, with some having design configurations that you can snap or add together, depending on the space that is available to you.

In any case, we love the following wine racks that represent the best small space solutions in wine collecting.

Vertical Wine Racks

Some small space wine rack options include those that store bottles vertically so that they are right against the wall. This saves the much-needed space that traditional library-shelf wine racks occupy. Other wine racks store wine bottles alternately along a long column, which saves space and gives your wine rack an attractive aesthetic.


Other wine racks hang from a shelf and leave space for under-shelf stemware storage. Imagine having your wine glasses hanging just beneath your wine and how convenient that is! They don’t need to occupy their own corner of the room.

You may also want to utilize the space under your hanging cabinet. This will not only save space, but also create a stylish look in small kitchens. Make sure that the wine rack is placed at the right height for easy access.

Wall-Mounted Wine Racks

Fill that blank wall in your house with wall-mounted wine racks. There are different designs on the market that you can choose from. You may opt for wall-mounted wine racks incorporated with glass stemware storage to free up some space in your kitchen cabinets. There are also floating wall wine racks.

These are just a few ways of incorporating a wine rack or two in your limited space. The beauty of the wine racking industry is that there are literally thousands of designs to choose from, and at least one of them will surely fit right into your allotted small space.

If you need help looking for the most ideal wine racking solution that suits your needs, contact a Florida wine cellar builder and designerWine Cellar International is the company that you can rely on when it comes to stylish and functional wine storage. Call +1 (954) 630-5866 today or visit their website at

Florida Wine Cellars – Wine Faults & How Avoid Them

Flaws or faults in wine are common. Every wine maker or wine cellar owner will, at some point or another, experience faults or flaws in their wine. Even with the most meticulous monitoring, there will be some flavors or smells that can develop in the wine cellar that will make the wine unsuitable for consumption. As with everything else, prevention is the key in avoiding faults in wine.


Proper Fermentation & Storage in Florida Wine Cellars Prevents Wine Faults


1. Sulfur Smells

SLO, or Sulfur-Like Odors, happen often in wine. The smell is like that of rotten egg or even burnt rubber. This is because all wines possess sulfur compounds, but they are usually in such small amounts that they are hardly noticeable. When the sulfur levels become higher than what is appropriate, the rotten egg smell occurs. They can even cause wine to taste bitter.

So what causes SLO?  First we must know that sulfur compounds are formed during the fermentation stage of wine. When the yeast doesn’t have enough nitrogen, it will produce more sulfur-bearing molecules.

Converting sugar to alcohol requires that yeast have some nitrogen to reproduce, but once the available nitrogen is used up, the yeast is broken down into amino acids that contain sulfur. One of the by-products of this process is hydrogen sulfide, or HS2. Usually, during fermentation, the HS2 will dissipate, taking with it the rotten egg smell. But, if some HS2 remains, wine will retain the bad smell.

To prevent this from happening, the right amount of nitrogen levels must be present during fermentation. Supplemental nitrogen is often used for this, but it must be at the right levels otherwise excess nitrogen will speed up the fermentation process.

2. Acidity

Wines have volatile acidity. The excess volatility in wine can cause it to smell like vinegar or even ketchup. This also takes away from its varietal character. The problem of excess volatility starts during the fermentation stage, but it is during storage of wine in wine cellars that the majority of it happens.

ETHANOLBacteria consumes ethanol, and if you add oxygen causes acetic acid. Similarly, lactobacillus consumes the lingering sugar in wine, thus creating acetic acid.

Winemaking procedures must be up to standards to prevent volatile acidity in wine. Gassing tanks and wine barrels must be covered to prevent the formation of volatile acidity and to prevent unwanted oxygen from seeping through.

Ensuring that the wine cellar cooling system is working efficiently will prevent humidity levels from going too low or too high. The right humidity level helps keep wine cork from drying out or cracking, thus preventing oxygen from entering your bottle. To prevent lactobacillus and sugar from forming acetic acid, the residual sugar in wine can be treated with a sterilant before it is stored.

3. Brettanomyces

BRETTANOMYCEBrettanomyces cause nasty aromas in your wine. The smell can be likened to antiseptic, wet cardboard, and wet dog. A metallic taste is found in wines that have brettanomyces.

As with other substances, Brettanomyce contamination comes by a matter of degree. Some Bordeaux wines actually have a tinge of this, but if the amount is too much, it renders wine unfit for consumption.

Barrel-stored wines are the main exhibitors of Brettanomyces. If the temperature is too warm, and the level of sulfur dioxide is too low, Brettanomyces are most likely to occur. Old barrels that have previously stored wine are an ideal environment for Brettanomyces to survive.

To prevent Brett, proper wine storage is the key. Make sure that your Florida wine cellar is properly sanitized. Keep your wine racks in tip top shape as well and look out for bacteria or molds, especially in wooden wine racks.

Make sure your wine cooling system is running smoothly to keep the temperature cool, resulting in having just the right amount of sulfur dioxide. This is sure to prevent Brett from growing.

Working with a professional that provides efficient wine storage solutions is vital when building your dream wine cellar. Make Wine Cellar International Florida a part of your dream! Visit their website ( or call them at +1 (954) 630-5866.


Wine Cooler or Wine Cellar – the Best Option for Your Needs

There are different types of wine storage solutions for different types of wine collectors. While many manufacturers of wine storage devices claim to have the best equipment on the market, it is still best to determine the number of bottles in your collection or the number you’re planning to collect, your storage space, and budget before buying one.

Wine coolers and wine cellars are a popular topic when it comes to which storage solution best suits a wine collector’s needs. Let’s find out the purpose of each.

Wine Coolers

If you’re the kind of wine lover who buys wines and consumes them within a span of days and you rotate your stock very quickly, then you can be classified as a casual wine collector. Wine storage for this type of wine collector is quite easy.

A wine cooler might be your best bet, especially if you collect light wines like whites or champagnes. This is ideal if you plan to drink the wine instead of collecting it. Storing wine at proper serving temperatures (40-50 degrees Fahrenheit) is the main function of wine coolers.

Wine Coolers

Wine coolers can be the size of a small refrigerator (free-standing coolers) or can be small enough to be placed on tabletops (countertop coolers). The advantage of a free-standing wine cooler is its flexibility to be placed almost anywhere in your home. This is ideal if space is not an issue.

Countertop wine coolers, on the other hand, are a perfect device for those who don’t have floor space to spare and tend to drink wine within a few days after buying it. Built-in coolers are also space-savers, but are the most expensive of all wine coolers. The high cost is due to the design that makes ventilation unnecessary.

You may opt for a wine cooler that has built-in wine racks to keep your bottles from rolling about and knocking against each other. There are a great number of wine cooler designs, as well as temperature control capacities, to choose from. Sizes vary too, and they can usually store between 15-30 wine bottles. Wine coolers are made of insulated material including metal, plastic, neoprene, double-walled glass, or vinyl. Since wine tastes better when served at an ideal temperature, using a wine cooler is a great option.

Custom Wine Cellars

If you are the type who wants to collect a number of bottles for storage over the course of several months or years, you should probably think about having your own Florida custom wine cellar that can keep your bottles at an ideal temperature. Humidity levels must be kept constant too.

Wine cellars with an efficient wine cooling system can do this for you. This is a very important component because unstable temperature can spoil wine. Too high of humidity can cause mold and mildew to grow, and very low humidity levels can cause the wine cork to crack, which will result in wine oxidation.

Besides maintaining ideal conditions, wine cellars can be built with custom wine racks that will allow you to easily browse through your collection and maintain an inventory. This is especially helpful once your collection starts growing and there are more bottles to keep track of.

Better still, because it’s a full wine cellar, everything can be customized according to your style and requirements. Because of the benefits that a wine cellar provides, custom wine cellars are in demand all over the world, including Florida.

So, if you’re planning to store wine for years, opt for a Florida custom wine room. If your purpose is to serve wine at its best serving temperatures, choose a wine cooler.  Whatever you wine storage needs are, Wine Cellar International can help you. Visit their website at or click here for a no obligation design consultation request.

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